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  2001 Riga Stradin’s University (Latvian Academy of Medicine), Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatry (doctor’s diploma).
Internship in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.

Since 2003 regular participation in Summer Schools for Child and Adult Psychoanalysis at PIEE (
The Han Groen- Prakken Psychoanalytical Institute for Eastern Europe).
2003-2004 training for EMDR-treatment (
2004-2005 training for Family Therapy (
J.Mannik, Sweden).
Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy training programme (Adolescent Psychiatric Society of Finland).
I am a medical practitioner, and a teaching staff member at Department of Psycho-somatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of Riga Stradin’s University.

I offer in my medical practice consultations for adults and children; short-term and open-ended psychotherapy for adults and children age 10 up; consultations for families and couples; psychotherapy in cases of physical and psycho-somatic ilnesses.


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