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  Alexander Moshkin  

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Certified psychotherapist. Graduated from Latvian Medical Academy in 1993.

  • Psychoanalysis (since 2009 The Hann Groen-Prakken Institute of Psychoanalysis for the Eastern Europe);
  • Infantile and Juvenile Psychoanalytic psychotherapy (2005-2008, The Stradina University of Riga with Finland Psychoanalytic Society);
  • Specialized in Psychodynamic or Psychoanalyst therapy (1997-2001, 2007-2008 The Stradina University of Riga);
  • Gestalt therapy (2000-2002, the Gestalt Insitute of Riga);
  • Erickson’s hypnosis (1998-2001, The Institute of Group and Family psychotherapy, Moscow; ROS centre, Riga);
  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, Biresonance and Foll diagnostics and therapy (1995-1996, Latvian Medical Academy).

Ad cogitandum et agendum homo natus est! Everybody experiences stress, bad luck and tension in their life. It is not the purpose of psychotherapy to make individual’s life carefree. If you are not able to get the job that you would like to have, psychotherapy has nothing to do with it. If on the other hand, you have panic attacks before job interviews or if conflicts at work have become commonplace, you should seek specialist advice. Psychotherapy is relevant if your problems originate in your mind and you have difficulty facing reality of everyday life. Furthermore, psychotherapy is indicated to people suffering from depression, fear, anxiety, insomnia, neurotic disorders, stress or grief. Family counseling is able to help couples who cannot resolve their problems or contradictions. Psychotherapy aims to help people remove emotional strain and enhance their ability to make a choice. Besides, psychotherapy develops their behavioural strategies and restores the ability to cope with problems in a self-reliant manner.

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