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Life includes also wear and tear, and tests for everybody. Everyone does some day experience feelings of anxiety or confusion, or even hopelessness and despair. However, every hardship is also a possibility for development. One can find way out of impasse more easily by help of a professional. We offer You a spectrum of psychotherapy for various life situations:

  • consultations by a psychotherapist;
  • individual short-term psychotherapy;
  • individual long-term psychotherapy;
  • psychotherapy for children;
  • psychotherapy for adolescents;
  • psychotherapeutical crisis intervention;
  • consultations for couples;
  • family therapy.

  About us
       Alexander Moshkin
       Ilze Sestule
       Inta Zile
       Iveta Valaine
       Olga Strautzele
       Viktors Ozolins
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